The beginning of our wind power generation

Wind power is generated when wind is transformed into electrical energy.  Through individual wind turbines connected to an electrical energy transmission network, our wind farms are capable of supplying power to the equivalent of more than 400 thousand homes.

Wind power comes from a clean, inexhaustible source, does not produce greenhouse gases and requires only a small area for installation.  The environmental impact is substantially lower compared with other energy sources.

We are investing in this kind of energy, consequently structuring the Ventos do Piauí complex which is composed of seven wind farms.  The BR $1.2 billion investment was made in the state of Piauí, in the Northeast region of Brazil, which is considered one of the most efficient regions worldwide in the production of wind power.


Where does the produced energy go?

Roughly 90% of all energy produced on our wind farms goes to companies and homes throughout the country that purchase energy in the Captive Market, with the remainder going to clients in the Wholesale Energy Market .


Our production numbers

wind farms
wind turbine towers
564 MW
in installed capacity

A large conglomerate of power plants

We are responsible for making hydroelectric and wind energy production possible in 56 projects across the country. Only in the Votorantim Group there are 35 hydroelectric plants, while Votorantim Energia manages 21 wind farms.

Bringing the experience of the group in the name, Votorantim Energia can practice one of the lower costs and operating expenses of the sector, guaranteeing competitiveness for the companies under its management.



We are working to see the growth of wind power production in Brazil.


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Some questions you may have

How is wind power produced?

Wind power is produced by harnessing wind. Turbine propellers are put into motion by the wind, powering an electrical generator, generating abundant, clean and renewable wind power.

When was wind power invented?

This source of power has been in use for more than 3 thousand years. In its earliest forms, there were mills that drained water, ground grain and performed other activities, though, to a certain extent, they depended on mechanical power.  Over time, they began to employ wind power to generate both mechanical and electrical energy.  Technological progress has enabled the creation of wind turbines and, thus, greater and greater amounts of energy were produced, leading to the opening of the first wind farms.

Following the international oil crisis, in the 1970s, interest and investment in wind power grew to the point that equipment capable of providing power on a large scale became viable.

Where was the first wind turbine in the world built? Where was Brazil’s?

The first commercial wind turbine connected to a public electrical grid was installed in Denmark in 1976.  Currently, there are more than 30 thousand operational wind turbines worldwide.  In Brazil, the first wind turbine was installed on the island of Fernando de Noronha, in the state of Pernambuco, in 1992. At the time, wind energy accounted for about 10% of the energy generated and consumed on the island. The wind turbine saved 70 thousand liters of diesel fuel per year.