Why the Free Energy Market is worth it

Up to 40% savings per month

Companies can negotiate energy prices according to their profile, getting fairer prices than in the Captive Market, resulting in significant financial savings.

Negotiation according to your consumption profile

The quantity of energy is determined according to the needs of each company and can be purchased from any distributor or generator.

Supply Security

The physical supply of energy continues to be handled by the electrical system of the local distributor, maintaining the same quality.

Renewable energy sources

There is the possibility of purchasing energy from renewable sources, such as wind and biomass, reducing your company’s environmental impact.


Difference between the Free and Captive Markets

Whoever is not yet in the Free Energy Market is considered a captive consumer.  This means that they can only buy energy from the dealership, with no space for negotiation.

In the Free Market, a segment in which it is possible to freely negotiate prices, quantity of energy, period, supplier and other conditions, you have the flexibility to negotiate more advantageous contracts fitted specifically to the usage profile of your company.


O que vai mudar no seu dia a dia

Instead of receiving a single invoice, as you would in the Captive Market, you will receive two: one regarding the energy purchased and another in reference to the transmission of this energy.  The advantage is in both cost and efficiency, as, without the obligation to buy from only one distributor, you will be able to purchase energy at the lowest possible prices.

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Who can buy free energy

Companies with a demand of
500 kW
Companies with a demand of 500kW or more, classified as “Special Potentially Free”
can consume only renewable energies, such as solar, wind or biomass.
Companies with demand exceeding
3000 kW
Classified as “Potentially Free”
can consume energy from any type of source.

How to buy

  • 01
    Atenda aos critérMeet the minimum usage criteriaios de carga mínima

    Today, only companies consuming more than 500 kW can purchase free energy.

  • 02
    Register your company with the CCEE

    To purchase free energy, it is necessary to be registered with the Electric Energy Trading Chamber (CCEE, in Brazil)

  • 03
    Choose your supplier and make the changeover

    Define a purchasing strategy. Votorantim Energy can help with your changeover process.


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