We believe in innovative ideas and sustainable attitudes

Votorantim Energy promotes efficient energy use, offering intelligent solutions, economical use of resources and competitive advantages.

More than
years’ experience
knowledge of the energy generation process and an understanding of consumer needs
More than
clients in the Free Energy Market
We address the needs and demands of each client.
1870 MW
managed throughout Brazil
We manage 25 clients
energy plants managed
35 hydroelectric plants and 21 wind farms owned by VE.

Our knowledge of energy management is applied to our clients’ day to day needs, supporting long term business development.

Operation Data

“Water level of Brazilian hydroelectric reservoirs per region” Layer

Average electricity spot price for current week

Tax Flag: Green

Region SE/CO
Volume 48.7%
Region S
Volume 18%
Region NE
Volume 73.8%
Region N
Volume 69.9%
Region SE/CO
R$/MWh R$ 101.98
Region S
R$/MWh R$ 201.83
Region NE
R$/MWh R$ 39.68
Region N
R$/MWh R$ 39.68

We are responsible for 2% of all energy consumed in the country.

Environmental responsibility and community

Votorantim Energy is committed to environmental responsibility and to the communities located near our plants. We work diligently to prevent and minimize the risk of accidents or other impacts.

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