Votorantim’s expertise that became a business in the market

100 years before Votorantim Energy was founded, Votorantim had already begun to invest in electrical energy generation for its own needs: the Pilar Power Plant with three installed MWs, inaugurated in 1912 – the first of 35 currently under our management. This milestone in the history of Brazilian industry initiated our learning about energy management and generation: to produce and manage energy for our own consumption.

The Pilar Power Plant (today PCH Votorantim) was opened in the region of Sorocaba, in the interior of the state of Sao Paulo, by a Portuguese immigrant named Antônio Pereira Ignacio, who would later found Votorantim.  The Pilar Plant was opened with the intention of generating energy for the cement company Rodovalho, one of Ignacio´s companies at that time.

Years of consumption management experience accumulated with the concrete, aluminum, cellulose and steel plants, in addition to the hydroelectric plants, resulted in the formation of the company as it exists today.  It was the year 2000.  The name, Votorantim Energy.  The mission was still to manage and produce energy for the use of companies belonging to the group.

The reality of the Brazilian energy market changed dramatically with the arrival of the Free Energy Market in 1995.  With the future in the process of becoming the present, and bigger challenges to be confronted every day, we made a great leap forward. To offer our expertise to companies that, like us, need to manage their energy consumption to make their businesses more economical and viable: why not?  

We believe that technological innovation is essential to our products and services, and we have not compromised our social or environmental consciousness for even a minute.

Areas of Activity

Intelligence and Experience

We create strategies for companies operating in the Free Energy Market.  We guarantee that your energy purchases will be negotiated to achieve the best prices and lowest possible risk, even in uncertain price scenarios.

Wind and hydroelectric energy

With great pride, we produce, manage and sell clean and renewable energy.

A little more about us in numbers

complexes in operation
5 hydro and 2 wind
plants throughout the country
Votorantim is the largest private autoproducer in Brazil.
2,3 GW
of energy sold
In 2018 we became the 2nd largest marketer in the country.
More than
clients in 18 years
We serve institutions of various sizes, with the kind of quality and security that only a company like Votorantim Energy can offer.
R$ 4,4 Bi
in net revenue in 2018
We are always investing in modernizing our operational, management and energy generation activities.
More than
projects Both social and environmental
Sustainable development is central to Votorantim Energy’s beliefs and actions.

Our activities extend throughout the country

Mapa de localização de usinas
  • 21
    VE wind projects

    All within the Piauí Wind Farm

  • 35
    VE hydroelectric dams Energia

    20 connected to the National Interconnected System (SIN)

    15 directly connected to factories

We are in constant transformation

Our commitment is constantly renewed, always looking to the future. We contribute to the growth of cities and improving people’s quality of life. We are mindful to meet our clients’ needs and demands in the best way possible, confronting challenges with ethics, social consciousness and good citizenship.

Our team is composed of committed and innovative people

Votorantim Energy is strong and reliable because of its team of creative professionals, always in touch with innovations and new technologies.

Eduardo Maiochi

Planning and Construction Manager

Foto de Eduardo Maiochi
“I follow the teachings of the Gospels, living by the maxim ‘do good to everyone, no matter who’. I strongly identify with VE’s values and beliefs and appreciate all the opportunities the company offers us.”

Mayra Silva

Executive Assistant

Foto de Mayra Silva
“I love planning trips, and learning about the destination and its customs. Sometimes I enjoy that more than the trip itself. Going to the movies on a Sunday evening makes my weekends feel longer. I love the environment at the office and feel very motivated to work with renewable energy, which I believe to be the future.”

Alefe Kaue Da Silva


Foto de Alefe Kaue Da Silva
“I teach religious education to children, and that’s very rewarding. I also enjoy reading and being around people I love. For me VE is such fertile ground for learning, and that keeps me pushing forward on my path in the company.”

Paula Andrade Cidale

Internal Controls Analyst

Foto de Paula Andrade Cidale
“I love traveling to recharge my batteries. Being able to return knowing I’ll find a friendly work environment full of good-natured people reassures me I made the right choice when I left a legal career for a job in the Compliance department here at VE.”

Herman Nogueira

Tax Consultant

Foto de Herman Nogueira
“Before becoming a tax professional I thought of pursuing a career in the military, but today I know I made the right choice. I like the VE environment, being in constant transformation and integrating a business that’s well-respected in the market.”

Anna Paola De Castro

Process Management Consultant

Foto de Anna Paola De Castro
“I’m passionate about learning and I’m always looking for different things to do. This motivation has everything to do with VE’s identity, because it’s a young company, in a process of constant transformation.”

Alexsandro Cota

Sustainability Manager

Foto de Alexsandro Cota
“Traveling and being with friends and family make me very happy. I also enjoy cooking and my favorite sport: badminton. VE is dynamic and relaxed, I’m motivated by the company’s vision and challenges.”

Natascha Andrade

Relationship and Sales Manager

Foto de Natascha Andrade
“Achieving goals in a welcoming environment gives me pleasure on a daily basis. On the weekends I enjoy swimming and a nice glass of wine. I’m very proud of being a part of VE and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

Guilherme Moro

Sustainability Analyst

Foto de Guilherme Moro
“Besides collecting vinyl records, I love cooking and playing with my dogs. For me, working at VE means being allowed to contribute to the generation of the country’s renewable energy.”

Ana Flavia Cavalcante

Organizational Human Development Consultant

Foto de Ana Flavia Cavalcante
“I love working at VE! Knowing I could have a positive effect on people’s lives makes me very happy. In my free time I like hanging out with my daughters and reading about interior design and landscaping.”

Cesar Augusto

Technical Director

Foto de Cesar Augusto
“Finding Votorantim added so much to my life”

Angela Railda

Administrative Technician

Foto de Angela Railda
“I had the opportunity of doing volunteer work at a poor community and felt very good about doing something that affects people’s lives positively. I like working at VE and I believe we can become the best energy company.”

Marcio Cepeda

New Business and Strategic Planning Manager

Foto de Marcio Cepeda
“For my niece I’m funny ‘uncle Marky'. I love gourmet cooking and surprising people with unusual dishes. Working at VE is a unique, highly inspiring experience.”

Marcelo Soriano

Administrative Analyst

Foto de Marcelo Soriano
“I really like playing soccer. When I was 11 I played in a tournament in Argentina. We lost the semi-final match 11-0 against River Plate. The company is always innovating and transforming itself. That's what motivates me to build a more tech-savvy company.”

Karina Gyotoku

Organizational Human Development Consultant

Foto de Karina Gyotoku
“I very much like working at VE because it’s an ethical, result-oriented company that cares about people. On my way home, it makes me very happy to know that I have a good dinner waiting for me."

And more than 450

collaborators throughout the country.

Foto de  And more than 450

Lara da Silva

Financial Analyst

Foto de Lara da Silva
“One of my favorite activities is singing karaoke, even though I’m shy. I also enjoy chatting and sharing a meal with friends and family. VE helps me reach my goals by appreciating my work and my commitment.”
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