VE has been committed to the environment since its very beginning

We take care of the vegetation in the regions near our own plants and the ones we manage, complying fully with all legal demands to guarantee the most sustainable plants possible.

We reforest new areas, monitor wildlife around the plants, carry out technical-scientific studies in the regions we operate in and create new permanent preservation areas.  Votorantim Energy heads many initiatives. Have a look:

Reforestation of Permanent Preservation Areas (PPA)

The recomposition of forests around our plants is a constant project for us.  It serves to avoid silting, maintaining the quality and quantity of water necessary for our operations. We manage programs in Salto do Rio Verdinho, state of Goiás, Piraju, state of São Paulo and Ourinhos, state of São Paulo.

Oversight of Permanent Preservation Areas (PPA)

We contribute to making PPAs, legally protected areas, more secure and free of any environmental risks, with special focus on forest fires.

Preservation of local wildlife

We coordinate the supervision of fish and, when necessary, can remove and transfer them.  The behavior of birds, mammals and other wildlife where a plant is installed are carefully observed.  We are always conscientious of the impact of energy generation.

Monitoring of water quality

We constantly monitor wastewater, potable water and surface and ground water through samples that are taken for periodic lab testing. When there is even a minimal indicator of damage, we analyze the cause and develop a quick solution.

Waste management

We manage and correctly dispose of waste generated by our plants, recycling whenever possible. Dangerous materials are sent to licensed landfills. There is a constant effort among our employees to promote the proper handling, appropriate transport and reduction of the generation of waste.

Dam safety

Frequent inspections are carried out to make sure all plants are taking the proper preventive and safety measures.  The state of the concrete is checked, along with the pressure of the water, etc. All our plants have a Dam Safety Plan (PSB, in Brazil) connected to the Emergency Service Plan (PAE, in Brazil).

Working together is always better

Environmental awareness is a value shared by all of Votorantim’s companies.  Together, we were able to create the Legado das Águas (Water Legacy)  project, maintaining the largest private reserve of the Atlantic rainforest in the country.  The initiative’s goal is to protect the waters and forested areas surrounding the Juquiá River.

Do you have questions about our actions?

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