A better, more diverse future for everyone

We challenge ourselves to positively influence peoples’ lives, both within and outside of our companies, and to contribute to the social development of the communities we operate in.

We carry out transformative actions in various regions of Brazil.  We work together with communities with the goal of:

  • incentivizing entrepreneurship and generation of income;
  • creating opportunities in the job market for people with disabilities;
  • promoting dialogue with local community representatives;
  • increasing access for children, young people and adults to benefits and rights, such as sports, leisure, culture and education.

How we help community development

Investing in People

We increase the potential in every individual and contribute to the creation of good citizens. We have actions on various fronts in education, employment, culture, sports, and rights in childhood and adolescence.

Votorantim for Childhood and Adolescence (VIA)

In partnership with the Municipal Councils of Child and Adolescent Rights (CMDCAs) and with the support of the Votorantim Institute, we work to strengthen programs that improve the quality of life of children and adolescents.

Votorantim for Education Partnership (PVE)

We contribute to the improvement of public education in the cities we operate in, through social mobilization and training in education management practices in our communities.

The Paraibuna River Needs Our Help

We perform communication and socio-environmental consciousness activities, in conjunction with communities around the Paraibuna River, seeking to reduce the amount of waste deposited in our rivers.

Asema Ibi

The project, whose name derives from the tupi guarani phrase meaning “the cry of the earth”, we seek to create more reflective, critical people within our communities, especially students, able to evaluate and minimize the impact of their actions on the environment, through more sustainable attitudes.

For a Better World

The project held workshops with various focuses: development, cultural activities, sports and leisure, contributing to the formative processes of children and adolescents.

Changing the Game

The project, which is part of the Votorantim for Children and Adolescents (VIA) program, aims to enable children and adolescents in situations of vulnerability and social risk to be helped through sports and psychosocial support.

Futsal and Volleyball Academy

We believe that playing sports is an important part of the formation of good citizen, values, and quality of life. This is why we incentivize technical improvement and the practice of sports in our communities.

Social Capital

We promote the development of networks and alliances, furthering dialogue and engagement between communities and businesses.

Corporate Volunteer Programs

We encourage our employees to engage in social and citizenship actions, which contributes to the improvement of the internal climate and strengths our local service network. We mainly promote volunteer programs with NGOs and public schools.


The program’s objective, led by the Votorantim Institute, is to bring improvement and manage relationship risks with stakeholders through mapping, priority identification and definition of actions and dialogue. In 2018, we will be working in fishing communities and quilombolas – isolated, Afro-Brazilian communities – located in the Extractive Marine Reserve in Baía do Iguape, in the state of Bahia.

Institutional Capital

Strengthening local institutions (public and social-oriented) to better exercise their roles as development agents in communities and cities.

Public Administration Support

In partnership with the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), the Votorantim Institute offers public administration solutions to cities and companies involved with Votorantim, assisting in government planning, transparency and the promotion of social participation, among other activities.

Economic Dynamism

Incentivizing entrepreneurship and income generation focused on the development of local economies and reduction of economic dependence on large institutions.

ReDes for Sustainable Development

With the objective of creating jobs and income through the strengthening of inclusive businesses.  The main focus is the development of business and administration plans.  The program’s target audience is the low-income population, organized through associations and co-ops.

Chain of Production

The project’s aim, in partnership with the Brazilian Micro and Small Enterprises' Support Service (SEBRAE), is to provide training and development to small and micro suppliers, helping them to reach their full potential business leverage and preparing them to serve a diverse client base – including Votorantim.

Votorantim Institute

Solutions for social action companies related to the development of strategies, planning, studies and analysis and management of investments and results.

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