How can we help your business?

We have 3 service models for energy management. Which one best fits your business?

Fast, intelligent, and friendly team: complete focus on saving you time and money

With Votorantim Energy, you will save time and reduce your company’s costs.  We efficiently administer reliable energy at the best prices in the market.

Our service is accessible and specialized, always ready to give your company the support it needs.  With more than 18 years’ experience in consumption management and more than 300 clients in the Free Market, making a difference in the daily lives of those who don’t want to waste time or money.

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In the last 18 years, we have helped our clients reduce their energy costs by 40%.

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Learn about the best ways to manage your business’s energy consumption.

Some doubts you may have

1. Is it better to wait for the rainy/humid season to buy energy?

Our country’s climate is tropical and unpredictable; however, there is always the risk of drought. When this happens, the reservoirs get very dry, the rain that does fall is not enough to fill them, leading to an increase in prices.  Votorantim Energy’s management service monitors price trends in the market, helping your company to make the best decisions.  

2. My company’s activities may increase or decrease. Because of this, I am analyzing my demand. What would be the best moment to contract your service?

If current energy prices fit your budget, the suggestion is to purchase a partial package.  Later on, we can discuss the ideal service type for managing your energy, ensuring that there will be no waste in your energy expenditures.

3. Why might now be a good time to purchase energy?

The longer you wait to buy, the more you are subject to price fluctuation, increasing your risk, which may impede your business operations.  With Votorantim Energy, you won’t need to worry about anything beyond your core business, the soul of your company.  We will optimize your costs and get you the best cost-benefit in the market.

4. Why should I leave the Captive Market and join the Free Market?

Companies opt to migrate to the Free Market owing to the uncertainty of distributor fees and seeking cost reduction.  In the Free Market, your costs become predictable as soon as you sign the contract, making it possible to plan your future energy spending.

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