Don’t let your business take risks in the energy market

Energy is a volatile asset, it varies according to climate, rain, reservoir levels and other variables.  It is essential purchase and sell energy after careful analysis to avoid your business being supreised by unforeseen price fluctuations.

Our know-how and expertise can help companies in the Wholesale Market to buy energy for the coming months or years at a predetermined price. Through reduced financial risks, your business will have even better opportunities for growth.

How we can help you

Energy purchase and sale contracts

Bilateral negotiation of conventional or incentivized energy, with short, medium and long-term contracts.

Financial operations

Cash flow solutions and protection against fluctuation of energy prices.

Swap contracts

Trade different types of energy, in submarkets of generation and consumption or periods, depending on the need of the moment.

Seasonal operations

Buy and sell energy according to specific consumption and usage periods.


Power Purchasing Agreement: Long-term contract with fixed price and budget saving


Fixed cost contract, minimizing spot price exposure

We have already helped more than 600 companies negotiate the purchase and sale of energy.

Can we be partners?

We can improve your energy purchase and sales strategies

Some doubts you may have

How does an energy sales negotiation work?

Energy is an Over-The-Counter market (like the stock exchange).  Contracts are registered and liquidated at the Electrical Energy Trading Chamber (CCEE).  Negotiations take place bilaterally between buyers and our sales team.  Solutions can be customized according to the needs of each client.

My factory is in the Northeast. Can I buy energy from a plant in a different region of Brazil?

Yes.  Today, almost all of Brazil is connected by transmission lines.  However, if you buy energy from a different submarket from that of your own consumption, you will be running the risk of a change in the BLV between the submarkets.  To avoid this, we offer the submarket SWAPS solution, which mitigates these risks.

What is BLV?

BLV means Balance Liquidation Value, that is, when the value that agents are to pay if they exceed the amount of energy they had initially purchased at the free market price.  If a company consumes less, they receive a credit.  This liquidation takes place at the CCEE.

We are going to have a stoppage due to maintenance at our factory during a given month. What do we do with the energy we have already purchased?

You can make an addendum to your contract, renegotiate the price with your current supplier, or sell via power transfer.  Another option is to receive the value of the liquidated energy in your monthly BLV, through the CCEE.

We are undertaking a study to increase production for a two month period. Is it possible to purchase energy for this period only?

Yes. Negotiations in the Free Energy Market are bilateral and allow this type of transaction.  Contact our team to receive a quote.

Our system currently requires 10 days upon receipt of an invoice to process outgoing payment. How should we proceed?

Simply state this need when you contact us and we will have no problem meeting your needs.  We are flexible concerning payment schedule, though longer payment times will increase prices.

My company’s energy consumption is heavily influenced by the use of air conditioning, meaning our needs are substantially greater in the summer months. Is it possible to purchase a larger amount of energy in this period?

Yes, we can meet seasonal needs, supplying additional energy in the months it is required.

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